Which stirrups choose for its safety ?

You'll love riding, and you're looking for a safety stirrup, but once you're on the market, you've been surprised by the range of stirrups available. So how do we make the choice between the various models that exist for its safety? You can visit the equitack.com website for this, but first, here are some factors that you must take into account before making your choice.

The chosen discipline

The stirrups are not the same for each discipline. In fact, stirrups for a competition such as dressage or jumping are not the same as for riding for leisure. It is then necessary to correctly read the rules of the contest and to look at the material imposed for it. There are already specific stirrups imposed for each discipline. For dressage, for example, the stirrup must be of a certain traditional color with a precise style.

Your predilections

Each bracket on the market has a distinctive design and style. In order to give a more discreet look, some stirrups are lighter than others thanks to a more refined design. The choice will then depend on the jumper. Others prefer to tilt for lighter calipers and others for those who are more massive. It is therefore necessary to try several stirrups to know which one suits your taste.

Your body requirements

The comfort that the stirrups evolve with the design of those. If one day you have been injured or if medical conditions can make the riding uncomfortable for you, you can find stirrups that can help you.
For example, a stirrup with a certain inclination exists and reduces the pressure exerted by the stirrups on your calves.
If you practice with closed stirrups, you may remain hanging in case of collapse or slip your boot through the stirrup. This is why several safety brackets that open automatically in the event of a fall have been designed. Choosing a safety stirrup depends on your level in riding, etc. But it is better to choose one to ensure your safety.

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