Is a leather saddle more comfortable ?

Buying a saddle for his horse seems to be easy to say. Yet it is a complex and difficult mission even for those who have horses or ponies. One can not always go around with his horse and shop window. It is then necessary to have a well laid technique to take the measurements of his animal and match them to the equipment on the market. The comfort and the well-being of the horse depends on it. In addition, there are several models on the market. The choice becomes even more complicated.

Choosing the material, is it obvious?

As with clothing for humans, the saddles that dress horses also exist in different materials. But the most used and most demanded is leather. You may be wondering why this particular topic? For ages, it has been used by cowboys in western and Indian films. Not only does this product easily adapt to the anatomy of the hair but it is also flexible and robust at the same time. But its main advantage is that it optimizes the comfort for the horse and for the person who rides it. On equitack, you can discover several models of horse saddles in leather. From the smallest to the largest, from the most affordable to the most expensive.

What are the other points to consider when buying?

Before buying a horse saddle, you should also define usage. Of course, it is a kind of chair for the rider but it is what he will use it for practicing sport like riding or just to make walks. That is very valuable. If you plan to practice horse riding, it is better to choose leather saddles suitable for this purpose. On equitack, you can ask the manager to advise you on the most interesting models. They also have equipment in addition to ensure the safety of all people who ride on horseback. They also have special stools for horses that have back problems. Same for the riders who have this problem. Just ask to have the answers.

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